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Women working on flying boats, Preston 1918. Credited to Lancashire County Council and Preston City Council.

Local Research

How do I trace a relative?

If you are looking to trace a relative that you believed served in WW1 there are numerous different online tools that you can use. To make this process easier to navigate Lancashire County Council’s Community Heritage Team have formulated a flow chart that you can follow. You can download the sheet here.


Who is on Preston’s memorials?

Preston Remembers is partnering with the Imperial War Museum’s project ‘Lives of the First World War’. We are working with volunteers and project partners to undertake research on Preston’s war memorials which will are uploading onto the LotFWW portal. You can see the memorials we have researched so far on the Preston Memorials page, and see more about the Imperial War Museums project in the film below.

We are also working with War Memorials Trust Online who have a number of information sheets that maybe helpful if you are interested in Preston’s memorials:

Researching the names on a war memorial

Researching the history of a war memorial

Setting up a war memorial restoration project