To access the learning resource on the project themes please click on the following links:



To borrow the loan boxes please contact:

Carole Marsh
01772 534067


To book a trip please contact the Education Officers at any of the museums:

Lancashire Infantry Museum and Museum of Lancashire:
David Brookhouse

Harris Museum:
Dawn Worthington
01772 258248


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Schools Education Resource

We have developed a number of educational resources for schools interested in how Preston people were involved in WW1.

  • We have an online learning resource that can be used in the class room for key stages 3 & 4.
  • There are new loan boxes that can be used to support these sessions or develop new sessions. These can be accessed through Lancashire County Councils loan box scheme.
  • The Preston Museums have also developed new education sessions to explore the different ways Preston people were involved in WW1.
  • At Lancashire Infantry Museum children can learn about the enrolment process in their newly renovated education room.
  • At Museum of Lancashire children can experience what it was like on the front line for Preston soldiers.
  • At the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, children can learn about what it was like for those who stayed in Preston, looking at rationing and life on the home front.
  • These sessions can be booked either as an individual two hour visit, or as a series of two visits to create a whole day trip.